Photo: Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

Following the mulled wine in Covent Garden, we headed across London and into Hyde Park for the opening night of Winter Wonderland. Being opening night, it was ridiculously busy and a bit tricky to find a spot to set up a tripod without it being knocked over in crowd.

I eventually found a small foot bridge that had some elevation above the crowd and snapped off this five shot fusion. The problem with the bridge was that it was temporary, and made of wood. It shook a lot whenever people walked over it and caused a lot motion blur in my initial shots. After about 15 minutes of waiting for a break, I got a few clear minutes with no-one else moving on the bridge and managed to get the photos I wanted.

I’ve emphasized the colour blue in this image to help depict the cold weather and the ‘Winter’ feel of the night.

Photo Details:
This is a 5 shot fusion from -2 to +2 EV blended using LREnfuse and Lightroom 5.

Photo: Covent Garden, London

Here’s my next shot of Covent Garden taken on Saturday evening. I liked the close up shot I took of the reindeer in my previous post, but I also wanted to showcase the buildings surrounding Covent Garden, the atmosphere and also my vantage point where I took the photo.

Photo details:
This is also a 5x shot HDR, processed in enfuse and Lightroom 5.

Next up is a shot from winter wonderland in Hyde Park… Keep an eye out 🙂

Photo: Covent Garden, London

I think I may have found Rudolf the red nosed reindeer…

Christmas is closing in fast and some friends and I found ourselves in Covent Garden (London) on Saturday afternoon sipping mulled wine and watching street performers. I never quite understood the hype around mulled wine, but now I realise I just haven’t had good mulled wine in Australia. Mulled wine in Europe is goooooddd!

Anywho, after a couple of mulled wines, darkness had settled in and I got to work on snapping a couple of images of Covent Garden from a restaurant balcony. This is one of two photos that I liked the most out of the several that I took. What do you think of rudolf-the-shiny-green-reindeer-with-a-red-nose?

Photo details:
This is a 5x shot HDR taken 1x EV apart (-2 to +2). Processed with Enfuse and Lightroom 5.

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Photo: British Museum, London

If you ever get to London, then I highly recommend you check out the British Museum. Firstly, the building itself is magnificent. Secondly, it’s a museum. So you know… It’s pretty easy to spend an afternoon there (like I did) looking at thousands of historical items and artifacts.

This image is composed of 56 shots at 40mm (stitched together). It’s times like this I wish I still had my Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens.

The only downside to this shot, it that it’s a bit of a cliche and is ‘shot to death’. But for good reason, it’s a great vantage point!

Hope you all enjoy!

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Photo: Green Park, London

After waiting nearly two weeks for a break in the gloomy grey skies and patchy rain for an opportunity to shoot some photos in and around London the weather gods finally obliged on Saturday. My partner and I headed in from our accommodation in Bearsted in the Southeast (about one and a bit hours out of London) to go get a small taste of what this amazing city has to offer.

First stop was Green Park to check out Buckingham Palace. Green Park itself is beautiful and in this particular shot I was trying to capture the brilliant autumn colours.

Keep an eye out for more to come!