Photos: The Coldstones Cut, Yorkshire

As mentioned in my previous post, I am fortunate enough to be staying with my grandparents up until February. This have given me the locals scoop on some of the best and most scenic places to visit in Yorkshire. Here we have The Coldstones Cut, a ‘life size’ piece of art by artist Andrew Sabin. The Coldstones Cut is located on the side of a sandstone quarry on top of Greenhow Hill in Nidderdale, Yorkshire. The art built as an interpretation of both the landscape and its industrial history  – mining and quarrying.

This  shot above was taken from inside The Coldstones Cut facing the main entrance. It was a pretty miserable, cloudy day so Black and White looked best for this. I added the yellow back in to give it a touch of colour to an otherwise lifeless scene.

Below we have the road that is near the entrance path to The Coldstones Cut. The weather has just cleared a little and I took this on the back to the car. Its rare to see a long straight road like this in the UK, I’ve only seen about two as straight as this since arriving here so it captured my attention. I snapped off three shots to merge to a HDR and this is the result after processing.




Photo: Brighton Beach

Here’s a shot I took at Brighton Beach in the south of England a couple of days ago. It was raining on Monday when we arrived, but we woke on Tuesday to find the weather had cleared from the dismal greys to a bright and sunny day. The trade off for sunshine was that it was windy and coldddd. The bushes on the beach and the dingy made for an interesting composition in my opinion.

Photo details:
Nothing crazy here, just a simple shot with my 40mm prime, processed in Lightroom 5.


Photo: British Museum, London

If you ever get to London, then I highly recommend you check out the British Museum. Firstly, the building itself is magnificent. Secondly, it’s a museum. So you know… It’s pretty easy to spend an afternoon there (like I did) looking at thousands of historical items and artifacts.

This image is composed of 56 shots at 40mm (stitched together). It’s times like this I wish I still had my Tokina 11-16mm wide angle lens.

The only downside to this shot, it that it’s a bit of a cliche and is ‘shot to death’. But for good reason, it’s a great vantage point!

Hope you all enjoy!

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Cheap Canon DSLR optical trigger

Seagull DSLR Lightning Trigger

Seagull DSLR Lightning Trigger

This basic hack is very useful for certain situations where an infrared remote cannot be pointed directly at the camera, the distance is too far, or a corded shutter release is not practical. The list goes on. Basic searching has led me to lightning triggers which behave exactly as this, though they are generally purpose built for lightning with more features. The problem with lightning triggers is that they are expensive to buy or time consuming(ish) to make. This on the other hand is very cheap and simple to make. Read more