Photos: Harewood Estate, Yorkshire

A few more photos from beautiful Yorkshire. These are from Harewood Estate on a beautiful sunny day with a storm brewing off in the distance (last image).

One thing that sets the UK apart from any other country I have been to so far, is the public walking trails that are everywhere – even through some private properties and estates. Known as Public Rights of Way, these paths are often hundreds of years old and due to their age and use over the centuries they have been protected and turned into public walkways. Take a walk along one these and you will enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside that the UK has to offer. The pictures are from the Harewood Estate where a few of these public paths snake through the woods and around the grounds.

Photos: The Coldstones Cut, Yorkshire

As mentioned in my previous post, I am fortunate enough to be staying with my grandparents up until February. This have given me the locals scoop on some of the best and most scenic places to visit in Yorkshire. Here we have The Coldstones Cut, a ‘life size’ piece of art by artist Andrew Sabin. The Coldstones Cut is located on the side of a sandstone quarry on top of Greenhow Hill in Nidderdale, Yorkshire. The art built as an interpretation of both the landscape and its industrial history  – mining and quarrying.

This  shot above was taken from inside The Coldstones Cut facing the main entrance. It was a pretty miserable, cloudy day so Black and White looked best for this. I added the yellow back in to give it a touch of colour to an otherwise lifeless scene.

Below we have the road that is near the entrance path to The Coldstones Cut. The weather has just cleared a little and I took this on the back to the car. Its rare to see a long straight road like this in the UK, I’ve only seen about two as straight as this since arriving here so it captured my attention. I snapped off three shots to merge to a HDR and this is the result after processing.




Photos: Yorkshire Moor

I’m currently staying in Yorkshire with my Grandparents who are very fit and active walkers. Almost every day they ask me if I’d like to come along on their next walk. I’ve quickly figured out that this is the best way to get the ‘locals’ scoop on the most scenic places in Yorkshire. They love showing me around and I’ve seen some amazing places in the last couple of weeks. This shot  of the moor was taken whilst on a hike around Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire. Apparently the moors in the UK turn a brilliant shade of purple as the heather changes colour in the summer – something I’ll have to come back and see for myself at some stage in the not too distant future!

Hope you’re all having a great Christmas/New Year Celebration!

Photo: Rhossili, Wales, UK

Here’s one of my all time favourite shots I recently took in Wales, UK. We arrived to Rhossili just as the sun was setting. The whole day had been spectacular with beautiful blue skies and a light breeze that had a cold bite to it.

As we drove towards Rhosili, the sun was setting and it became a race against time to get there before it set. We made it just in time and parked, where I took this pic. This is a three shot HDR using enfuse and Lightroom 5.


Photo: Spaceship Camper, Wales

Well I just finished a two week road trip around the UK with my girlfriend in a Spaceship Camper, and it was a lot of fun! A little crazy to be travelling around and sleeping in a small camper van at the start of winter, but hey, someone has to do it right?

This pic was taken in Rhossili, Wales. We were treated to a beautiful sunset (which I will post about soon), as well as a clear sky for the whole night (very cold!). Seems fitting doesn’t it? Spaceships and all.