Review: Artisan State ‘Little Black Book’

Little Black Book Top View

Like many photographers out there, I recently saw an abundance of ads appearing in my Facebook news feed from Artisan State featuring their ‘Little Black Book’. I didn’t need much convincing, the product they appeared to sell looked good. Really good. A great price tag coupled with a unique design and plenty of options.

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought a sample copy of the Little Black Book 8″x11″ (Landscape). After receiving my book, I can say I’m very happy with the results, read on to find out why.

UPDATE: I have created Lightroom print templates for the Artisan State Little Black Books. If you use Lightroom and want to create a little black book, then these are the templates for you.
I offer these for FREE, or you can choose to ‘Pay What You Want’ and pay what you feel is a fair price.
This allows you to create your layout in Lightroom and upload each page layout as a JPG to Artisan State.

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