Lightroom 5 Tutorial – Enhanced Clouds

Support me and buy a print -

Support me and buy a print –

Bad weather can be a photographer’s best friend. It creates dramatic and interesting scenes that can look spectacular to the viewer.

For many of you who are just beginning with Adobe Lightroom 5, here’s a quick tutorial to show you how to enhance the clouds (and sky) in your photos for a more dramatic feel. Read more

Use iPhoto and Adobe Lightroom together – Mac OSX

Lightroom_iPhotoOk so here is my workflow that I recently developed in order to use both iPhoto and Lightroom together with the same original image files. Before I begin, you might be asking why you would want to do this? Read more

Cheap Canon DSLR optical trigger

Seagull DSLR Lightning Trigger

Seagull DSLR Lightning Trigger

This basic hack is very useful for certain situations where an infrared remote cannot be pointed directly at the camera, the distance is too far, or a corded shutter release is not practical. The list goes on. Basic searching has led me to lightning triggers which behave exactly as this, though they are generally purpose built for lightning with more features. The problem with lightning triggers is that they are expensive to buy or time consuming(ish) to make. This on the other hand is very cheap and simple to make. Read more