Dent Island, QLD

A few of pics from my recent trip to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands, where I used to call home before moving to South East QLD.

Dent Island Sunset

Sunset from the Hill, Dent Island

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A little bit of Sunshine on the Sunshine Coast

A few of my recent pics from the beautiful Sunshine Coast, which has in the past couple of months become my new home.

View from Mt Coolum

View from Mt Coolum – Looking South to Mooloolaba

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Photos: Victoria, Australia

After nearly ten months overseas, I can officially say it’s good to be back home in Australia. There really is no place like home. My travels opened my eyes to view my homeland in a whole new light, and I have vowed to explore this magnificent country with the same enthusiasm as all the other countries I have been to.

I will soon post my final in the ‘Since Leaving the UK’ series of posts, but until then, I thought I would leave you with  a couple of my photos from a recent trip to Victoria. The first shot was taken in Lorne, and the second was taken at the iconic Twelve Apostles.

Lorne, Victoria

Lorne, Victoria

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PreviewThis! now on the Mac App Store!

It has been a work in progress for a couple of months now and I can finally say Version 1 of PreviewThis! is now available on the Mac App Store.

PreviewThis! is a photography app I have designed to help showcase your images as printed artwork when hung on a wall.

The apps main feature in my opinion is it’s ability to set a scale which allows you to add and work with image frames in real world dimensions. This allows you to easily showcase a variety of print sizes to potential clients. You can even add text annotations and share your completed previews to Facebook and Twitter via inbuilt sharing.

For more info, checkout the video below.

Travel Photography – Since leaving the UK: Part 2

As promised I have finally put together ‘Part 2’ of my ‘Since leaving the UK’ travel photography posts. If you haven’t read Part 1 then go check it out. My last post finished in La Spezia, Italy so I thought I’d continue with the journey through Italy and into Greece. Who knows, I might even need to make a ‘Part 3’ I have so many photos. Read more