Dogs of Santorini

Santorini’s Abandoned Dogs

Dogs food

Dog food left out by local staff at a popular restaurant.

When you think of Santorini in Greece, a lot of things may come to mind. Picture perfect weather, a deep blue ocean, or maybe the picturesque towns of Fira and Oia. The last thing you may think of, especially if you haven’t visited before, is of stray dogs.

In fact, at first glance, these dogs don’t look like strays at all. Most of them have collars, appear to be in good health and are very friendly. But if you hang around long enough, you’ll soon realise they have no owners and are very street smart. The truth is, most of these animals are not strays, but abandoned pets.

You see, Santorini has a slightly darker side to it, and perhaps Greece does as a whole. After scouring tourist forums such as TripAdvisor, I discovered that many other tourists had also noticed all the friendly dogs who don’t have owners. As it turns out, every year hundreds of pets are forced onto the street as their owners leave the island for one reason or another.

There is a good and bad side to this story. Even though these pets have been abandoned, it doesn’t mean they are not cared for. They become a part of a community of locals and tourists who all do their bit to look after and care for them. During the tourist season, the steady stream of visitors to the island brings with it many animal lovers who go to great lengths to feed and care for these dogs during their stay.

On the other hand, during the winter months the situation becomes more dire. Restaurants close down and popular tourist destinations such as Perissa Beach become ghost towns as the locals head back to mainland Greece in pursuit of work or to visit family. Many of these dogs, especially the young who cannot travel far, become weak with starvation and may die. A vicious cycle between seasons.

During my two week stay on Santorini, I tried to photograph as many abandoned dogs as I could, mostly in Perissa Beach – a popular tourist destination. The aim of this post is to raise awareness of the animal abandonment issue on Santorini. It’s not just dogs. As well as cats, Santorini has a huge population of working donkeys that are abandoned each year when they are no longer useful to their owners.

You can help by heading to and donating to their cause or adopting an pet from their shelter. I hope you enjoy the images, please leave your comments below.

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Travel Photography – Since leaving the UK: Part 2

As promised I have finally put together ‘Part 2’ of my ‘Since leaving the UK’ travel photography posts. If you haven’t read Part 1 then go check it out. My last post finished in La Spezia, Italy so I thought I’d continue with the journey through Italy and into Greece. Who knows, I might even need to make a ‘Part 3’ I have so many photos. Read more

Since leaving the UK: Part 1

It’s been a while since my last photo post so I thought I’d post an update on what’s been happening lately in the life of a travelling photographer.

I’m currently in Greece after leaving the UK well over a month ago. Since departing the UK I’ve been to Portugal, Spain France and Italy before arriving in Greece about two weeks ago.

To catch you all up on the latest of my work I’ve finally found the time to write a post outlining where I’ve been lately. As I’ve got a lot of photo’s, I’ve decided to split this into two parts. So this is Part 1.

First up we have the last of the UK. I did another trip to Whitby on a beautiful sunny day and got some great shots around the pier the southern side of the river/port entrance.


From the UK my girlfriend and I headed to Lisbon in Portugal. If I could go back and do it again, I would have spent a whole lot more time in Lisbon as three short days was not nearly enough. Portugal is an amazing country with such a diverse culture and history, not to mention great wine and port of course!

A great deal of walking was done in Lisbon, as well as a mountain biking tour in some beautiful coastal hills about an hour south of the city.


Lisbon City

View over Lisbon

Ponte 25 de Abril

A view of the ‘Ponte 25 de Abril’ (25th of April Bridge).

Prazeres Cemetery

Prazeres Cemetery

From Lisbon it was an overnight train through to Madrid in Spain where a few days were spent before heading to Valencia on the east coast of Spain. Whilst Madrid was a nice city, I didn’t find much photographic inspiration there like some of the other cities I’ve been to. It had some beautiful architecture, but overall felt very much like any other large city in the world. The food was amazing though and we got the impression it’s the sort of city you visit to just to gorge yourself.



Valencia was my highlight of Spain by far and in my opinion a photographers dream destination.
I love all forms of photography and had a lot of fun shooting the buildings, beach and great weather Valencia had on offer. The City of Arts and Sciences complex is an amazing sight, and very photogenic.

All about reflections

All about reflections

Portal to another world

Portal to another world

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

Valencia's Beach

Valencia’s Beach

After Valencia it was a few short day in Barcelona before heading to Nice in France briefly.

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Beach

Nice was ‘nice’, and in between mixed weather, I got some keepers. The ocean had such a brilliant turquoise colour due the rocks on the beach slowly eroding away in the waves.

Nice Panorama River Mouth, Nice

From Nice it was into Italy and after a day of travel on the train we arrived in La Spezia on the west coast. La Spezia is a town that has more of a ‘local’ feel to it and hosts the majority of the Italian naval force in a large naval base. I took the time to visit Portovenere, a small tourist town about 20mins bus ride away from La Spezia which was very scenic and well worth it! Highly recommended.

View from La Spezia B&B

View from La Spezia B&B

Portovenere Coastline

Portovenere Coastline



And this is where I’m going to leave part 1. A lot of pics and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in my Lightroom Catalog!

Keep an eye on my Flickr or Facebook for my latest pics and I’ll post Part 2 soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this? Let me know in the comments below, especially if you want to know any more info about an image or location.

All quiet on the Western Front…

You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around here lately. I’ve finally left the UK (after three long months) and am now in sunny Lisbon, Portugal. Tonight we leave tonight for Spain. I’m excited for the images that I’ll be able to share with you soon!

Photos: Looking good Wetherby

Wetherby Town Hall

Wetherby Town Hall

I’ve done a couple of shoots now in Wetherby (where I’ve been staying for about 5 weeks). It took the weather gods quite a while to cough up something nice for me to play with so here we go. Above we have Wetherby Town Hall. Located in Market Square, the town hall is now a shop, but looks just as good as ever, especially at dusk when I took this photo.

High Street Wetherby

High Street Wetherby

Dusk over Wetherby Bridge

Dusk over Wetherby Bridge | Store

Wetherby Reflections

Wetherby Reflections | Store

Sunset, Wetherby River

Sunset, Wetherby River | Store


Playground | Store

Wetherby Weir

Wetherby Weir | Store

Wetherby Salmon

Wetherby Salmon | Store

Paper Day

Paper Day | Store

Wetherby Bridge

Wetherby Bridge | Store

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos!