Travel Photography – Since leaving the UK: Part 2

As promised I have finally put together ‘Part 2’ of my ‘Since leaving the UK’ travel photography posts. If you haven’t read Part 1 then go check it out. My last post finished in La Spezia, Italy so I thought I’d continue with the journey through Italy and into Greece. Who knows, I might even need to make a ‘Part 3’ I have so many photos.

Venice, Italy.

From La Spezia, it was a long day on the trains to get to Venice. Venice has always been at the top of my todo list in Europe, and it was amazing to finally see this beautiful city in person. It was only a short stay (two nights), but well worth it. It has so much to offer photographers which makes it such a popular city to shoot. I saw more photographers in Venice than I have anywhere else on this trip.

Magical Venice

Magical Venice

Venice Canal Venice CanalGondolas, Venice

Pisa, Italy.

From Venice, it was another long day on the train back to the west to reach Pisa.

Pisa Bike, Pisa Leaning Tower, Pisa

Rome, Italy.

Pisa was pretty fun and we had some great weather. A couple of days there and we headed to Rome, staying in a guesthouse near Vatican City.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Trevi Fountain

Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum

Bari, Italy.

From Rome, it was off to Bari, on the East Coast to prepare for our ferry across to Greece. We spent a few days in Bari, enjoying the weather and the town itself which has beautiful ‘old town’ with cobblestone streets and traditional houses built centuries ago. Bari was a pleasant surprise and a destination I would highly recommend!

Bari, Italy


Bari Esplanade

Bari Esplanade

Sunset, Bari to Patras Ferry

Sunset from the Bari > Patras Ferry crossing.

Naxos, Greece.

Having made it to Greece, we continued our journey overland through Athens to the port of Piraeus for yet another ferry across to Naxos Island, one of Greece’s growing gems. Here we stayed in a little studio apartment out of town for a few weeks, soaking up the sunshine and warmth after our frosty three months in the UK. I didn’t spend much time taking photos here and instead just relaxed and enjoyed the location.

Sunset from Ferry, Greece

Sunset over Greek islands, enroute to Naxos

Naxos Harbour

Naxos Harbour

Spring, Naxos

Spring, Naxos

Santorini, Greece.

After our time was up on Naxos, we moved to our next destination: Santorini Island. We arrived a few days late due to ferry strikes but were glad to finally be in a location where we could walk to nearby shops and restaurants, a nice change from our rural location on Naxos. We spend two weeks on Santori which almost wasn’t enough. There’s so much to see and do.

Perissa Beach

Ruins behind Perissa Beach

Hoverfly of Santorini

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Santorini Sunset

Sunset from Mexican Restaurant

Santorini Port

Santorini’s main port.

Cliffs and Thira in the background.

Cliffs and Thira in the background.

Old meets new, Oia

Old meets new, Oia

Oia, Santorini

Oia, Santorini

Athens, Greece.

We were sad to leave Santorini but happy to be on the road again and on the last leg of our trip before heading back to Australia. From Santorini we headed to Athens for a few days, which is where I’ll leave this post. I think ‘Part 3’ is in order and I shall post it soon.

Check back for ‘Part 3’ in the next couple of days, or follow me on Facebook etc for my latest updates.

Athens Sunset

Sunset from Athens Hotel

Athens from Acropolis

A view over Athens from the Acropolis


Spring Flowers

Spring flowers

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