Photos: Looking good Wetherby

Wetherby Town Hall

Wetherby Town Hall

I’ve done a couple of shoots now in Wetherby (where I’ve been staying for about 5 weeks). It took the weather gods quite a while to cough up something nice for me to play with so here we go. Above we have Wetherby Town Hall. Located in Market Square, the town hall is now a shop, but looks just as good as ever, especially at dusk when I took this photo.

High Street Wetherby

High Street Wetherby

Dusk over Wetherby Bridge

Dusk over Wetherby Bridge | Store

Wetherby Reflections

Wetherby Reflections | Store

Sunset, Wetherby River

Sunset, Wetherby River | Store


Playground | Store

Wetherby Weir

Wetherby Weir | Store

Wetherby Salmon

Wetherby Salmon | Store

Paper Day

Paper Day | Store

Wetherby Bridge

Wetherby Bridge | Store

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos!

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