Photo: Ruins, Canterbury Cathedral

This picture piggybacks off my last image at the Canterbury cathedral. Inside the cathedral I found an exit door that wasn’t well marked as an exit and lead to a courtyard out the side. Outside there were some magnificent spots including a beautiful hall which had an amazing roof (which I’ve pictured below).

If you live in Europe, then you are probably used to seeing this sort of architecture. I on the other hand, am from Australia, which has very little historical architecture, makes these old buildings all the more interesting to me.

Photo details:
This image above is a HDR composed of 3x images 2xEV apart (-2, 0 +2). All editing done in Lightroom 5.

I use a plugin for Lightroom 5 called LREnfuse which I’ve previously mentioned for most of my HDR images, including this one.
The image below is a single shot from my 40mm f2.8 prime.

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