Photo: Brighton Clock Tower

On our last night in Brighton, I headed down to the beach in the hope of capturing the Brighton Pier in all lit up glory. The Brighton Pier has a theme park on it and is one of Brighton’s most famous landmarks.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in luck this particular evening as the pier was completely closed with no lights on at all. Hidden in darkness, almost like it wasn’t there. So instead of the pier, I dragged my girlfriend back to the centre of town to the clock tower which I has seen earlier in the day. I just knew it would be an interesting scene to shoot at night and I really wanted to try it out as a HDR. Back at my hotel I played with the colouring in post for a while and decided I didn’t like the natural colours, they just didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. Instead, I opted for a nice warm colour temperature which I think works really well.

I finished the edit and was pretty happy, but had that annoying feeling that something was missing. I reviewed the image a couple of hours later and determined it needed a touch of colour. I added the colour back in the street art in the bottom right corner and I think it made all the difference.

Photo details:
This is a 5x shot HDR (5x 1 EV. -2 to +2). Merged to HDR using Enfuse and edited in entirely in Lightroom 5.

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