Photo: Harry the Lab

This is Harry. He’s a beautiful five year old Black Labrador with an amazing personality. There’s not a moment in the day that he can be seen without a stick or log.

Harry lives on a farm in rural France, and is a descendent of the working Labrador’s traditionally used by hunters to retrieve small game and birds. Although you can’t see it in this photo, he has a much longer snout than most Labradors due to his breed.

Taken on the 22nd October 2013, this is a 3x shot HDR, spaced 2x EV apart. I used the LREnfuse plugin for Lightroom 5, which I use for the majority of my HDR images. All colour toning and editing was done in Lightroom 5.

I wasn’t actually expecting this shot to work as well as it did – I thought he would move during at least one of the exposures. I called to get his attention just before snapping off the photos and he stood perfectly still for all three which meant a perfectly aligned HDR with no ghosting.

Hope you all enjoy!

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