Best Canon Prime Lens for Travel


When you have been travelling for months on end, you get really good at packing light. Packing light however, can be a little tricky when you have a DSLR, tripod and a couple of lenses to take into consideration. If you’re like me, then you might have found this post while scrounging the net for the best lenses suited to travel photography in preparation for you big (or small) journey. My tip to you: Get the Canon 40mm STM F2.8 Prime.

I’m not going to review this lens in detail, as there are plenty of other in-depth reviews out there, however I cannot recommend this lens enough for day to day street and travel photography.

The benefits of the Canon 40mm STM f2.8 – short and sweet:

  • For starters, the profile of the lens is tiny when attached to your DSLR camera and easily fits into your backpack
  • It weighs practically nothing
  • The autofocus is spot-on, quiet and fast
  • It is tack sharp when viewed at 100%, resulting in outstanding photo quality (this is a huge benefit if you have a hi-res DSLR and like to crop in post-production).
  • It has a reasonable aperture of f2.8, making it great for low light (especially when coupled with my Canon 6D full frame
  • It has little or no distortion, making it perfect for panoramic photography and portrait photography
  • Its wide enough for most uses (did I mention street photography?)

If you are interested in seeing some of my travel shots from this lens, check out my photos on Flickr or SmugMug (tagged 40mm).

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

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