Super simple IKEA Stolmen TV Stand

Stolmen (8) Yet another IKEA Stolmen TV wall mount. My aim for this one was to be as simplistic as possible.

Items used:

  • 2x Stolmen Telescopic Poles
  • 2x 55cm Stolmen Clothes Rail
  • 2x 55cm Stolmen Shoe Racks
  • 2x Stolmen Hooks (to hang TV with)
  • 8x Stolmen Mounts Brackets
  • 1x Kogan 32″ LED TV (weighs about 8kg without stand
The poles and shelves etc were assembled to my preferred heights and placed against my wall. The poles were tightened to the roof and floor and were not screwed. The top clothes rail was used as the TV mount crossbar to hook the TV onto. 2x Hooks were attached the TV and then lifted onto the rail. As opposed to bending or cutting the hooks to get them flush against the TV mounts, I used them back to front by drilling a hole in the shorter side of each for the mounting bolt. This also means the longer side of the hook is hooked over the rail. This is easier and safer as it means the TV has to be lifted up about 6cm before it comes off the rail.
Only the top two TV mount points were used with hooks as I wanted the bottom of TV to rest against the Stolmen poles so that it angles down a little towards my bed.
Check out the pics below and let me know of any questions you might have.


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